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Insecure problems 😒

I’m so insecure! I hate it , but I mean I have my reasons . I’m not what what people call ‘petit, or well a size 2’ I’m not even close to a stupid size 2, I was at one point but that was then, I’m a size 8 now, at the age of 18 that’s horrible , I mean I wish I was at least a size 3 but I’m not , I try to get on diets but I just enjoy the love of food too too much if I may so myself . Despite my weigh and whatever I’m freaking 4’11, I haven’t grown an inch since 7th grade, so imagine being short and fat/chubby. I might as well be a Leprechaun 😒. It’s not like my gonna go get my knees done and well waste millions of dollars just to get what like an inch taller? So I pretty much can’t do anything about it. I have crazy curl/straight hair which looks all burned when I don’t comb it or anything. I mean it looks beautiful done cause I have a lot of hair and well tons of volume so there’s kind of a benefit I guess . Anyways I have my grandma’s stomach which makes it look like I’m prego all the time and it pisses me off when stupid people get the impression I’m pregnant just cause of the stupid form of my belly . Ugh just so many things, I hate being insecure . 😒😭