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I'm a very down to earth person . a girly yet video game type of girl 👌 um just something else. I rather be a loner than have lying people in my life . im just simply me .

All we can do …

All we can do is pray . Pray for our family. Our friends . Our enemies . Our strangers .
All we can do is wait, and let God help us with our problems .
All we can do is have faith .
All we can do is smile .
All we can do is enjoy time . Enjoy time with ourselves, our loved ones , and everybody who makes us feel special .
All we can do is laugh . Laugh at the little things that come our way .
All we can do is concentrate ! Not on our past, or our present. But our future . Because trust me, we all have specials plans ahead of us .
All we can do is hug . Hug the people who make us feel wonderful and the people who make us want to rip our hair off. Because everybody needs a hug .
And finally,
All we can do is love . Love our family . Love our friends. Love our enemies . But most importantly love ourselves . Love ourselves and everything we stand for because God only made one of us, so let’s be the best us, we can be ! 💕 all we can do is …


Something random

It’s a new year . A new beginning, a fresh start . I recently got engaged and well I’ve been pretty happy . I moved out I now kinda have my own house , I do miss my room, my old house ( dad’s house ) but there has to be a change ! I’ve wanted to start doing a make up channel on YouTube since makeup and diy Pinterest ideas interest me, but let’s see how that goes . Hopefully I’ll get follows 👌 hopefully . I’ve started a diet as well, I lost 4 pounds already, and it’s been 3 day barely . I guess God had great things for me , I’m happy ; and that all I ever wanted 👌

Insecure problems 😒

I’m so insecure! I hate it , but I mean I have my reasons . I’m not what what people call ‘petit, or well a size 2’ I’m not even close to a stupid size 2, I was at one point but that was then, I’m a size 8 now, at the age of 18 that’s horrible , I mean I wish I was at least a size 3 but I’m not , I try to get on diets but I just enjoy the love of food too too much if I may so myself . Despite my weigh and whatever I’m freaking 4’11, I haven’t grown an inch since 7th grade, so imagine being short and fat/chubby. I might as well be a Leprechaun 😒. It’s not like my gonna go get my knees done and well waste millions of dollars just to get what like an inch taller? So I pretty much can’t do anything about it. I have crazy curl/straight hair which looks all burned when I don’t comb it or anything. I mean it looks beautiful done cause I have a lot of hair and well tons of volume so there’s kind of a benefit I guess . Anyways I have my grandma’s stomach which makes it look like I’m prego all the time and it pisses me off when stupid people get the impression I’m pregnant just cause of the stupid form of my belly . Ugh just so many things, I hate being insecure . 😒😭

I thought life was so easy, as a child I always wanted to be 18 or 20 but now at that age I wish I just had a time machine to go back . To go back and just live life as a happy child .

I don’t wanna grow up .’! 😔

I’m almost turning 18 and unlike other girls I’m pretty depressed about it . I know that as I get older so do my parents and just knowing that kills me . I know it’s part of life but why does life have to be so cruel . I’ve always been close to my parents, I’m not one of those ‘goes clubbing everyday kinda teen’ I’m a family girl. I guess I’m too too sensitive and emotional but why couldn’t I be like other girls who weren’t thinking about that , why couldn’t i be out there having fun not worrying about this .
I asked my mom how she felt when she lost my grandpa, and she just burst into tears. I remember how she got . She would sleep all day and drown her self in pills, which actually caused my parents’ divorce. I know it’ll hurt, but I just don’t wanna end up like that . She got better I mean she’s her old self, but just imagining going through that makes me terrified. I don’t want a divorce in the future, I don’t want to be depressed for the rest of my life . I guess I just don’t wanna grow up anymore . I wanna continue being my family’s only little girl. It sucks growing up, but I know I can’t stop it . Just wish I could go back in time .’!

Worst date ever lol .

Out of I don’t know how many dates, I’ve only had one embarrassing date lol . My current boyfriend had invited me to the movies for our first day, I was all trilled and excited lol that I didn’t even sleep the night before just wondering what the hell I was gonna wear and how I was gonna do my hair and whatnot, you know typical girl problems . So the day after he picked me up and we were driving out of my house when I saw this big red/purplish spot on his neck, and well being a girl; I snapped ! I threw a huge bitch fit lol when it turned out to be a cut from shaving -.- lol . So we went off; we arrived at the movies and well I didn’t get anything to eat cause I didn’t wanna seem like a fatty lol like any other girl , we finally entered the movies and during the movie I had suddenly fallen asleep lol, at first I thought he didn’t notice cause I was wearing the 3D glasses and I mean I didn’t think it was noticeable . But I fell asleep for the second time, still thinking it was unnoticeable, when suddenly, .. I started twitching and snoring lol and I accidentally farted while asleep lol and well I’m not talking about a little tiny snore, I’m talking about the ones your dad makes lol. . He woke me up, and just started laughing . I wanted to die lol . 😭😭 our first date and I did that, omgoshh I was so embarrassed ! I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there like nothing happened until the movie was over . Once we stepped out, he said ,’ well, your snoring was pretty cute, but that fart tho’ and just started laughing . I thought I had lost my chance , I mean; that had never happened to me before. But somehow that’s how he fell in love with me lol. I don’t know if it that’s a good thing or not , but oh well lol .

Oh well..

Haven’t gotten any followers yet lol, I was all excited for creating a blog , but oh well I’ll just wait and keep taking selfies, ’till someone follows me lol 👌😋 .’!

Anyways, have a great day people 😚