Worst date ever lol .

Out of I don’t know how many dates, I’ve only had one embarrassing date lol . My current boyfriend had invited me to the movies for our first day, I was all trilled and excited lol that I didn’t even sleep the night before just wondering what the hell I was gonna wear and how I was gonna do my hair and whatnot, you know typical girl problems . So the day after he picked me up and we were driving out of my house when I saw this big red/purplish spot on his neck, and well being a girl; I snapped ! I threw a huge bitch fit lol when it turned out to be a cut from shaving -.- lol . So we went off; we arrived at the movies and well I didn’t get anything to eat cause I didn’t wanna seem like a fatty lol like any other girl , we finally entered the movies and during the movie I had suddenly fallen asleep lol, at first I thought he didn’t notice cause I was wearing the 3D glasses and I mean I didn’t think it was noticeable . But I fell asleep for the second time, still thinking it was unnoticeable, when suddenly, .. I started twitching and snoring lol and I accidentally farted while asleep lol and well I’m not talking about a little tiny snore, I’m talking about the ones your dad makes lol. . He woke me up, and just started laughing . I wanted to die lol . 😭😭 our first date and I did that, omgoshh I was so embarrassed ! I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there like nothing happened until the movie was over . Once we stepped out, he said ,’ well, your snoring was pretty cute, but that fart tho’ and just started laughing . I thought I had lost my chance , I mean; that had never happened to me before. But somehow that’s how he fell in love with me lol. I don’t know if it that’s a good thing or not , but oh well lol .


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